The history of Umaicha

UMAICHA was born from a double love story. In the late 80s, after finishing his studies in France, Jean-Jacques went to live in Japan, where he met Saeko- who would become his future wife. Thanks to her, he discovered an original culinary culture that is natural and healthy, and also fell in love with the country- where he lived  for more than 10 years. There he got used to refreshing himself with unsweetened tea drinks, or “mutou-cha” (literally “tea without sugar”) that exist in many varieties and are consumed all year round.

When they returned to Europe, Jean-Jacques and Saeko settled in Barcelona and continued to prepare homemade mutou-cha, infusing different types of tea leaves to obtain a sugar-free and unsweetened drink, which would become very popular amongst his European friends … but one that could not be found in the market.

Thus the idea of ​​creating UMAICHA was born, which means “Delicious Tea” in Japanese. After 25 years working in the food sector, Jean-Jacques decided to create his own company and make known in Europe the virtues of a tea without sugar and NOT sweetened, as it is drunk in Japan.

Seeking help to develop a range of beverages, he met with Haruna Beverages in Japan, the company of the Aoki family, great experts in tea drinks, who agreed to help him develop products adapted to the European palate. A careful selection of tea leaves was made which, together with specific infusion parameters, allowed to develop a range of products without a bitter taste, yet with all the freshness of high quality green tea leaves. These drinks are now available to the public in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and soon in the rest of Europe.

Umaicha is an innovative, unique and- above all- authentic product, with its tea leaves imported from its origin country, Japan and its production process with direct infusion of tea leaves without using extracts, concentrates or aromas.

Umaicha is naturally calorie-free, unsweetened, yet soft enough to not require sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The umaicha philosophy

Umaicha is governed by authenticity and tradition: from the harvesting of the tea leaves to the production process, everything in Umaicha is as it should be to obtain a real Japanese tea. We do not seek to sweeten, camouflage or compensate its natural flavour, we just want you to be able to enjoy authentic Japanese tea as it should be: delicious, smooth and sugar-free.