Drink Tea, Not Sugar.

The authentic Japanese tea is not sweet. UMAICHA is not either

Natural infusion
without tea extracts or preservatives

UMAICHA is a natural beverage made by direct infusion of Japanese green tea leaves, which does not come from tea extracts or infusion concentrates. Contains no preservatives or coloring, nor add flavors.

Whitout Sugar, Sweeteners
or calories

Besides being naturally without calories, the antioxidants of green tea make UMAICHA a perfect drink to take care of yourself every day. Not sweet but soft and refreshing, it is drunk alone or to accompany meals.

 100% Japanese Tea
Selected by Japanese Masters

The leaves that UMAICHA is made from come from the Kagoshima region on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan, known for its long tradition in tea culture. Its selection allows to obtain a non-bitter flavored drink.

Enjoy Umaicha anytime
and everywhere